• A bachelor degree is well worth the investment with graduates earning between $700,000 to $1,000,000 more compared to those who do not have a degree.
  • According to Francis Jensen in The Teenage Brain, the final areas of brain development occur in the frontal lobe where complex reasoning, emotional intelligence, and control are developed.  This development continues through your college years, making the college experience critical to attaining higher order skills.
  • Research proves that individuals who have a college degree have social, psychological, and financial advantages when compared to those who do not have a college degree. They also have the competencies that employers are looking for!
  • According to the Ann Arbor News and other news outlets, college educated people live longer, are healthier, stay married, have lower unemployment rates, and  report they are happier in their careers.
  • The best predictor of future success is not the college you attend but the major you chose.  This should greatly influence where you attend college.
  • Almost every college has what students need to graduate with the skill sets and expertise they need to find the ideal job!


The simple fact is, we live in a world where it is nearly impossible to "teach" you all that you need to be successful in college and beyond.  While classroom learning is at the foundation of everything you will learn outside of the classroom, students need to take charge of their futures.  High schools and colleges CANNOT provide students the skills that develop as a result of students being proactive.  That's the key.  Every time an institution requires a great experience, the benefit of that experience becomes less than it would have been had the student chosen it on their own. MyCollegeMax will help students: 
  • Understand where to start;
  • Learn more about themselves;
  • Understand what to do, when to do it, and how to do it; 
  • Know how they measure up; and 
  • Help them develop passion, purpose, and mastery for their chosen field, all necessary components of success.  
MyCollegeMax provides individualized guidance for students so they can take charge of their own futures and land the career of their choice!